Project 01


Project 01:

TWF X Village By Village

I am happy to announce our first project collaboration will be with the wonderful organisation Village By Village. Their story and mission was one that resonated with me and I was eager to help. I like to describe myself as a product of Ghana manufactured in England, being that both my parents are Ghanian. A lot of my happiest memories are set in Accra, spending many of my younger years on and of in this vibrant city. After researching the work Village By Village carry out in some of the most remote parts of Ghana I knew I had found a truly deserving charity.

The Wildflower Foundation is on an ongoing mission to raise money for our friends down at Village by Village. The funds raised will go toward the "Girls Club" project V By V are currently implementing in West Africa (focusing on empowering the next generation of girls). Read (here) a first hand account on how they are transforming the lives of young girls in helping them establish their unconventional roles within their community.